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About Us

Founded in 1983, Monidex Distribution International Inc.  is one of the fastest growing auto parts import  & distribution companies in North America. In just  31 years, our numbers of employees and square footage have both  grown at an impressionable rate. Ask  any of our longstanding  customers and they will  vouch that Monidex has offered, and continues to offer, the best service every step of the way.


One of the top leaders as a importer & distributor of generic collision auto replacement parts, Monidex carries a huge range of reliable auto parts at affordable prices. We provide you with detailed specifications of each part, so that you can choose exactly the item you desire. Backed by an expert staff that is trained to provide you with outstanding services, you can always look forward to Monidex for a hassle free shopping experience at a very competitive price.


Monidex has high quality standards, which is why each item from our suppliers goes under rigorous inspections by our well trained experts before they are accepted by us. We are updated on our stock on real time basis, so that you get the current information when you place an order. There is no third party involvement as all materials are dispatched directly from our stock.


Our extensive network of service centers & manufacturing units of Monidex are located strategically to provide our customers the best service in the industry. We do not compromise with quality and believe in delivering the best, instead of choosing from low priced distributors.


If you look at the quality we deliver, you will be actually saving 30% - 40% if you choose Monidex, instead of choosing your local dealer.

Monidex by the Numbers:

Products in stock: over  40,000 car parts 
Square feet Montreal: 112,000
Square feet
Halifax: 45,000

Employees: 93
Sales agents: 17
Phone lines: 46
Most important customer:  1 (that’s you!)


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